Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The ‘manufacturer’ type

There is always something to add in the pictures taken by a Miami photographer, in the paintings made by a New York artist or in your wardrobe. People are different, but somehow we all fall into specific categories that are describing ourselves. The girls that are always adding something to their wardrobes are falling under the manufacturer type.
    The manufacturer is the one that always adds something to her closet. Perhaps, her body is not the same as it was a few years ago, after giving birth, some serious weight fluctuations or due to health problems. Maybe it’s the first time she makes up her own adult wardrobe. Maybe she got another job or moved from one city to another. Whatever the reason and the context are, the ‘manufacturer’ is constantly growing the quantity of clothes in her wardrobe.
In this phase, the clothes that are there are not the advantaged ones. There is no much to keep from that closer. Instead the ‘manufacturer’ wants something new: new style, new clothes, new life. The downside of this situation is that filling the closet seems an easy task - look how many stores there are! Look at the clothes! - And the parts that fill it are often bought randomly or. So, there are just ordinary clothes that are not even loved by their owner. Also, there is the girl, whose closet is full of everything, but she keeps adding and adding pieces of clothing, without getting rid of the unnecessary stuff. This girl is facing two questions: 1. What’s up with the need of having this full wardrobe?
2. What to do about the lack of satisfaction brought by your own clothes? And the answers are individual. This one needs a bloody screening of her wardrobe, followed by a severe strategy written on paper, a budget and a shopping schedule.
    The ‘manufacturer’ needs someone to twitch her at a time and stop this ‘filling the closet’ game. Otherwise, she will continue to add unwanted stuff to her life.
However, if you look for the half-full glass of a manufacturer’s wardrobe, you can find that it’s full of many black and white pieces and also clothes that will go really nicely for housework.

Friday, 11 July 2014

We only need each other

 Pembe Kayalar, Kefken

Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Bearded Lady

by Katriena Emmanuel for Lone Wolf Magazine Issue 9